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jblas-ruby by mikiobraun

fast linear algebra for JRuby powered by jblas

jblas-ruby is a matrix library for JRuby build on the jblas linear algebra library for Java. JRuby adds a lot of syntactic sugar to make jblas behave more Ruby-like.


No dependencies. The latest version of jblas is included in the distribution.


BSD Revised


Mikio L. Braun (

Documentation and Support

A good starting point is the RDoc documentation.

Post your questions at the jblas-users mailing list.


You should be able to just install the gem with

$ jruby -S gem install jblas-ruby

If you prefer to work from the sources, you can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://